Greg's first novel, nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award. It's a horror novel about a 1950's B-movie director who uses real corpses in his masterpiece movie "Cadaver". It has a strangeness to it that will keep you up nights.

Greg's third novel and a sequel to Horror Show. It's ten years after Horror Show and Landis Woodley is back with his band of losers and lunatics to make a Beach Party Rock & Roll movie in 1967. When mysterious Tijuana financier El Diablo insists that James Dean's death car be featured in the movie, things get bizarre.

An anthology of short stories by musicians. Greg was contributing editor of this collection of stories by Pete Townsend, Ray Davies, Joan Jett, Graham Parker, Kinky Friedman and more. Greg's story, Mirror Gazing With Brian Jones, has sparked a screen-play. It's as strange a tale as you'll ever read.

Greg's second novel about the curse of the Banshee. A New York psychologist tries to help a man being stalked by the ancient Irish spirit known as the Banshee.

Greg's fourth novel and a sequel to Big Rock Beat. Bo Young, the protagonist from Big Rock beat has quit rock & roll for the blues. He uncovers a plot to kill all the remaining blues greats. Robert Johnson is rediscovered alive and well and living in Oakland, California.
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